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Hunt Down Vulnerabilities In Your Cyber Security Program And Address Them To Keep Your Business And Clients Safe.


The Cornerstone Of A Robust Cybersecurity Program Is To Ensure That You Have A Clear Understanding Of What You Have And Are Trying To Protect. Clear Visibility Of Where You Have Vulnerabilities And Threats Associated With Your Systems Allows You To Close Security Gaps. This Can Be Operationalized With A Proper Vulnerability Management Program.

What Is Vulnerability Management ?

Vulnerability management is the continual process of doing a vulnerability scan to identify, evaluate, remediate and report on your cloud infrastructure’s security vulnerabilities. This scan helps you gain clear visibility into where to start and what to fix in your digital environments. This process needs to be performed continuously in order to keep up with the continuous changes made to your systems as well as the discovery of new threats.

Why Manage Vulnerabilities With Cyberware ?


  • Cyberware provides you with an assessment report that documents the details of vulnerabilities detected, their severities, number of associated accounts to them, and more.
  • Cyberware offers you a set of tailored recommendations for remediation. We don’t use the cookie cutter approach. Instead, we take into consideration your business’ limitations and needs to ensure that our advice works well with your business goals and vision.
  • We work closely and support your team with the execution of remediation strategies.
  • After remediation, we will do a vulnerability scan to evaluate security vulnerabilities and discover new ones.

The act of constantly ensuring no vulnerabilities are present in a network(s).

Vulnerability management is long-term, while a vulnerability assessment has a start and an end date.

Employees, misconfiguration, patches, unsanitized code are all risk factors that could lead to vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management is required to ensure that your network(s) are safe from attacks.

A vulnerability is an “error” that an attacker can exploit to gain access to a network(s).

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