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Security Awareness Training

Your Team is the First and Last Line Of Defense in Your Security Program.

Ensuring That Your Team Members Have The Ability To Spot A Phish, Select A Strong Password And Understand How To Safeguard Your Sensitive Data Is Critical To Ensuring The Success Of Your Security Program. Our Online Training Helps.

Online, Ready When You Are
An Hour Of Online, On-demand Course Material Ensures That When Your Team Is Ready To Train, So Are We. Great For Onboarding New Staff, Refreshers In Case Of Phishing Attacks.

Testing And Tracking
Quizzes, Supplementary Materials, And Completion Tracking Help Ensure Both Retention Of The Lessons And An Audit Trail For Compliance Reasons.

Affordable With Volume And Not-For-Profit Discounts

Starting At Just $10/user For A Full Year Of Access, We Make It Affordable For Your Team To Get Started On The Journey Towards Better Security.

Did You Know ?

In 2019, There Were: 114,702 Phishing Victims 38,218 Personal Data Breaches 22,775 Business Email Compromises/ Email Account Compromises The Number Of Data Breaches Increased By 30% In 2019 To More Than 9.5 Billion Records.

We Cover Critical Security Topics

Data Protection & Compliance
Strong Password Security
Email &
Ransomware & Malware
Social Engineering

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For inquiries regarding security awareness training services, contact support.

Security awareness training’s primary purpose is to ensure that all employee(s) of a specific organization recognize fraudulent material oriented to steal sensitive information or compromise the organization’s infrastructure.

Information security awareness training is a type of training oriented toward teaching employee(s) basic knowledge in cybersecurity to ensure a cyberattack via phishing is not viable.

Cyber security awareness training is essential to ensure a cyberattack via employee(s) is not viable. Basic word hygiene and phishing detection can save an organization from a cyber attack.

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