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Security Monitoring (SPaaS)

What We Monitor ?

  • Your Production Environments In AWS, Azure, GCP, And Other Cloud Platforms Store Sensitive Data And Need To Be Operational, Always. Cyberware’s SecOps Team Watches For Signs Of Attack And Configuration Or Other Risks That Lead To Data Loss And Threats To Operations.
  • Whether It Is Your Code In Github, Your Email In GSuite Or Your Client Data In Dropbox, Your Organization Has Data Sprayed Across Numerous Saas Providers. Credential Misuse, Employee Turnover, Misconfigured Integrations And More Can Put This Data At Risk And Jeopardize Your Business.
  • Your IT assets form a crucial part of your team’s operational and financial success. Cyberware’s SecOps team focuses attention on these assets to provide reporting and alerts on malicious activities, risky behavior, and operational risk.
  • High-value data and assets need to be protected against internal or external compromise. Monitoring, storing, assuring proper security and access to data is a major challenge that Cyberware helps your organization tackle across multiple environments including cloud databases and S3 buckets and SaaS services.

What We Do ?



Set up systems to collect logs from your organization’s infrastructure, collect relevant data and find events that are out of the norm.


Analyze activities for malware and suspicious activities. Notify your organization promptly and provide weekly report on traced events.


Investigate the suspicious event source, scope, your organization’s prioritized assets in a fast, effective and consistent manner.


Provide case-to-case advisory services based on analyzed and investigated results to strengthen your security system and defense from future potential malicious activities.


Combining analytics tools with machine learning, anomaly detection and other advanced techniques across a wide range of customers allow us to leverage learnings in one customer environment to benefit all our clients.

Examples of commonly detected risks:
• Bad username logons
• MFA underuse
• Brute force attacks
• Unexpected access on Google Drive
• Secrets in GitHub repositories

Cyber security monitoring is a way to ensure an organization’s infrastructure is not being attacked or breached.

Through the use of automation and SIEMs.

Security monitoring is essential since Cyberware will monitor your infrastructure 24/7; that way, you can rest knowing that you’d be notified on the spot if it were being attacked or breached.

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