About Cyberware AI

Cyberware AI is a holistic AI-enabled cybersecurity risk management company.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvanSoft International which is an award-winning global technology leader.

From securing U.S. Government assets abroad, to helping enterprise and small business partners safeguard their futures, Cyberware AI helps you continue the mission.

Cyberware AI helps organizations outperform compliance requirements by offering a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and managed services. These services include Gap Assessments, Penetration Tests, Security Awareness Training, vCISO, SOC2 Lifecycle Management and 24/7/365 Managed Services.

Cyberware AI’s offers a three-stage approach to customizable security solutions: Startup, Growth, and Scale Programs. Our unique engagement model allows us to provide military-grade, enterprise-level security at a price point that fits your budget.

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Mil-Spec Security for Small Business

Our active registration as a U.S. Government cybersecurity contractor allows us a unique position from which to scale our security services for small businesses. A nimble cybersecurity firm, Cyberware AI solves the cost problem by delivering to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to the same sophisticated tools, capabilities, and technical expertise normally reserved for the larger corporations with expensive security teams.

In short: we level the battlefield.

Meet your virtual security team.

Our virtual Security-Program-as-a-Service (SPAAS) approach allows each client to scale their cybersecurity posture and cybersecurity service as business revenues scale.

As you grow, we scale your security posture accordingly.

Rather than a patchwork of one-off cybersecurity Band-Aids™, we help plan a course to achieve the cybersecurity posture required for your business and set out together. 

Yes, cybersecurity is about protecting precious data and assets. Yes, it’s about regulatory compliance. But it’s also about right-sizing the costs so clients can maximize profit and invest in growth.

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